A terrible tyrannical evil and mass deception is taking over the world disguised as a pandemic. The People MUST resist! YOU MUST RESIST THEIR EVIL VACCINE PASSPORT PLANS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT.

Gov. Kathy Hochul and the democrats are 100% RESPONSIBLE for the worst crisis in Hospital staffing ever She should not be lauded, she should be recalled for spitefully firing so many competent career health care workers.

Our nation's top Immunologists MD: "There is no medical product in history that has been so tightly related to death than the covid-19 vaccines"

Useless incompetent biden is firing the best and brightest of this country for not being vaccinated while he is importing hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated illegal foreigners who don't even speak english and will just be life long drains on our country's already bankrupt social security, welfare, and medicaid. Do you see how insane this man is? This is a recipe for total disaster for this country.

Maybe you got lucky playing Russian Roulette with these killer vaccines, see some of the 800,000 people that didn't

EVIL: NY's unelected Gov Hochul calls vaccine a 'gift from God', then she shows God's love by firing 72,000 dedicated NY healthcare workers for not bowing their knees to this tyranny. She then spitefully added to the worker's pain by denying them unemployment benefits and saying she will replace them with foreign workers! (as long as they vote for democrats so they can maintain unchecked power!) Be aware that NY democrats right now are handing out billions in huge cash unemployment checks to illegal aliens who might only work under the table and don't pay taxes. These Healthcare workers were the heroes throughout the pandemic, they were never a source of spread, but now they are useless tools to be cast aside by the corrupt democrat party!

Fully vaccinated couple die of covid 1 minute apart. Vaccine fail!

Fully vaccinated Colin Powell passes away from Covid complications at 84 Vaccine fail!

THE ENTRIRE COUNTRY WOULD REVOLT FOR WHAT'S IN BIDEN'S TOTALLY 'WASTE YOUR MONEY' SOCIALIST SPENDING BILL. HERE'S WHAT'S IN IT (hint: gender garbage, equity garbage, green deal garbage, welfare garbage, and $4 billion to tear down statues deemed offensive)

Shocking Harvard Univ./NIH Worldwide Study: The Higher the vaccination rate the higher the covid cases. Vaccination has a negative effect on cases!!!! Make the democrat party pay for what they have done to the good working Americans!

In over 30 randomized clinical studies around the world the cheap and safe antiviral drug Ivermectin has been shown to totally destroy Covid and prevent the disease spread. Every study shows miraculous success. Ask yourself, why does the CDC and lying media ignore and even mock, in some cases, this miraculous drug?

Police Officer's final call after being laid off because of democrat's evil vaccine mandate
Vote every democrat out of office to get your jobs and American Freedoms back

Australian Covid Police are Nazis. 15 cops to arrest a woman walking in her park!

Hospital PA whistleblower eye witness to the devastating effects of the vaccine

Country Music Legend Travis Tritt Boycotts Any Venue or Promoter Mandating Masks, Requiring Vaccinations, or Pushing COVID Testing

Joe Rogan drops fascistic Google for their blatant Chinese censorship tactics

Watch the media devolve the vaccine's efficacy from 100% effective to basically ineffective In the UK double vaccinated people are catching covid at twice the rate as the unvaccinated.

#WeWillNotComply - Chicago Police Union Chief tells officers to ignore vaccine mandate. Screw the democrat's unlawful vaccine mandate!

A real CEO stands up for his workers: Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian declared on Saturday that his company won’t adhere to Joe Biden’s draconian vaccine mandates.

How long will it be before this evil incompetent president blocks unvaccinated Americans from buying any food or getting any medical care?

Australian Police waste $500,000 trying to prevent people from gathering for a protest that never happens

Boeing employees and their families let loser Boeing and biden know, in no uncertain terms, where they can stick their vaccine mandate.

If you're over 30 and double-vaxxed, you're more likely to contract Covid than if you are unvaccinated according to latest UK govt data. If you're over 40, you're almost 2x as likely. Keep pushing your sick mandates you democrat fools, and keep taking away their careers for NO REASON!!

16 year old Hockey player dies from vaccination against his will

Massachusetts State Police Sergeant in ICU one day after Being Forced Vaccine by biden's job threats

NBA star about his vaccine injuries: ‘The Vaccine ended my season, 1000 percent’ ‘The Hawks told me not say anything about it, not to tell anybody’

Nearly 40% of California state workers stay unvaccinated giving the up-yours signal to the dictator democrat Newsom

Joe Rogan confronts CNN's Sanjay Gupta if it bothers him that CNN outright and purposely lied about the dirt cheap and proven medical remedy for treating covid. "They outright lied!" In two terrible years reprobate Democrat have turned the simple "Two Week Pause To Flatten the Curve" into "Two Jabs to Keep Your Job".

#WeWillNotComply - NBA star Kyrie Irving standing strong against the the blood clotting vaccine The democrat authoritarians want you to submit!!! Mandate, mandate, mandate!

Communist NYC Mayor Deblasio removes statue of our founding father, Thomas Jefferson. A move right out of the red commie play book. This guy is without a doubt, an enemy within!

Vaccine deaths approach 17,000. Mainstream media 100% silent, not one story, not one warning!!!!

Oh No!, look at these inside the Capitol, Capitol Hill protestors, "this is clearly the worse attack on America since 9/11" according to the leftwing media

#WeWillNotComply - Pilots and Air traffic control agents are fighting back against the demoncrats vax mandates.

#WeWillNotComply - 40% of TSA Employees Refuse biden's evil anti-American Vaccine Mandate Incomnpetent biden will bring this country to a screeching halt just to get his way!

Biden releases 16K COVID-19 Positive Migrants into U.S. (no vaccine mandate required for these 'highest priority' of the democrat party as potential voters)

90 percent of San Diego police opposed vaccine. Shove it up your biden!

4.3 million Americans quit workforce as stupid and short-sighted incompetent-to-lead democrats threaten them with all sorts of regulation and unconstitutional vax mandates. Biden and democrats are wrecking balls to a vibrant economy!


Child breaks down in tears when he finds out he doesn't have to wear a democrat-submission mask to school anymore. Screw the child-abusing democrats and their mask insanity!

Air Traffic Controllers stage mass sickout over evil vax mandate.

You are a mentally incompetent communist democrat if you think its racism to require an ID to vote, but demand someone to show ID and their private medical records to buy a hamburger

Highly educated Southwest pilots refuse to take the mandatory jab, launch lawsuit against Airline. Airline canceling thousands of flights as it faces staff shortages Democrats love that Americnas are losing their jobs en masse over their unconstitutional vaccine poison mandate.

Our rules are for thee (the sheep) to show your political submission not for us! ~democrat elites

Young Mother forced, against her will, to take the deadly vaccine by evil democrats and their unconstitutional mandate, dies from it. Blood is 100% on the democrats hands!!!!

You’ll Be Wearing Masks For Years Says Scowling Authoritarian! Federal quarantine prison camps won't be completed until next year!

Young boy dies from swelling of the heart five days after taking the Moderna shot. Vaccine Fail.

Canada, full of the spirit of antichrist, fines Christan pastor $33,000 for holding Sunday services during the covid plandemic. You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. ~Matthew 10:22

Hochul and the democrat's #1 priority is the law-breaking non-citizen and they will take all of your tax money and hand it over to them.

Young 15 Year Old California boy dies after 2nd does of Pfizer vaccine Keep forcing kids to get the shot you sick democrats!

Emmy Award Winning Stylist Dies of COVID Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

Man pleads to not get kicked off plane because his mask slipped below his nose. Nazi flight attendent refuses to hear it. This is so damn sickening, how could you people be so deceived to let this insanity get to this point?

NBA stars, including Kyrie Irving, stand up against vaccine mandates, refusing to bow their knee to democrat's offensive medical dictatorship. As usual, evil democrats go after your money to make you comply!

Outrageous insanity!: Armed cops haul man off train for using incorrect type of mask! Wake up sheep, resist this lunatic tyranny!

American Airlines tries to force vaccination upon its employees, 30% of pilots reject! The vaccine wears off in as little as 2 months but the corporate and govt brain-dead lunatics dont care they just want you injected with the poison.


Despite being nearly 100% vaccinated, Harvard Business School has 'substantial covid outbreak' Vaccine fail (Not safe and not effective)

Facts Not Fear: A child is 10 times more likely to die from drowning than from Covid. Do you send your child to school with a life vest on?

Evil heartless democrat Hochul fires 1,400 healthcare workers at Northwell, New York State’s largest health provider, for refuisng to bow a kneee to democrat's medical tyrany.

In Vermont 76% of Covid deaths in September were Fully Vaccinated. Dear Sheep, are we done pretending the vaccine works or that vaccinated are not carriers and spreaders, just like unvaccinated?


Fully vaccinated make up 30%-40% of COVID hospitalizations in Maryland and the number is increasing rapidly Vaccine fail.

The vast majority of new covid cases in Israel are fully vaccinated people. Vaccine fail!

Pfizer scientists insiders: "Natural immunity better than the vaccine". See that democrats? You terminated the careers of millions of people for absolutley NOTHING but your own fear mongering politics!

In the last month, average deaths with COVID in Florida have plummeted by an astounding 95%, all with most schools in session with 0 restrictions, 0 mandates, and dozens of major football teams playing in front large crowds. Fauci Fail!

Mental midget green-lunatic Newsom bans gas lawn mowers in California Democrats will drag this country to total ruin and destruction if you let them.

Covid Insanity! Masked covid police arrive at your door at midnight: "Do you agree you put some posts on Facebook"

Evil democrat Newsom forces all kids to get the vaccine (but not his own)

Italy: you now can't earn money unless you get injected with the poison and get a mark of the beast styled vaccine passport

Australia's dictator from covid hell demands Novak Djokvic, the World's best tennis player, get the jab before coming to play. Fat chance buddy!
Top 100 Professional Tennis Player leaves ATP tour after terrible vaccine injuries. Regrets taking it!

More than half the covid deaths in Southern Nevada were fully vaccinated people. Vaccine fail!

OK, wake up, this is not just a communicable disase

Australian Parlimentarian, Craig Kelly, takes the little fake man silencing his discussion about the Nobel prize winning drug Ivermectin, out to the woodshed

The devil's leaders in Calgary have denied people access to buildings without a vaccine passport so the people rise up instead!!!!

DoD data show that 60% of covid hospitalizations (and likely higher) in 65 and older patients are “fully vaccinated” Vaccine Fail.

Facts Not Fear: In most places the average age of a 'covid death' is HIGHER than normal life expectancy

Covid police in Melbourne detain journalist for 20 minutes to "examine his papers" that allow him to be out in public. Sound like Nazism?

Wyoming high school student refused to wear a mask, so police locked down the entire school and arrested her Lunatics! More children die from the common flu than covid you stupid maksed ignorant sheep!

If they have to bribe, coerce, threaten legal action, fire you from your job, deny you unemployment benefits, deny you access to food, offer you a million dollars, deny you entry to public spaces, censor you, censor doctors, keep you from traveling, deny you access to live sports, block your access to effective medicines, just to get their RNA vaccine, you can be damn sure what they are promoting is not good for you.

Maybe this is just a hysterical rant or maybe not, who really knows, it's untested and you are the guinea pigs!: One man believes most who took the COVID Vax will be dead by the year 2025.

Evil Hochul Declares State of Emergency to deal with healthcare staffing shortage SHE PURPOSELY CAUSED WITH HER PARANOID COVID PSYCHOSIS. Doctors, nurses, and EMTs are cast aside like expendable tools to democrats as they seek more power and control.

“My Jaw DROPPED”. Very Important MD's Video. Doctor tests blood before and after the vaccine and finds immune system has been wrecked weakening the body's ability to fight off cancer and other viruses (possibly leading to the breakthrough cases). Blood panels resemble autoimmune disorder..

Hospitals prepare for massive loss of staff because of Gov Hochul's totally unnecessary vaccine mandate. People will die because of democrat's complete incompetence!

Senator Paul rips apart biden's arrogant authoritarian HHS Secretary exposing how hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose their livelihoods for NO REASON other than democrats wanting to punish them for not bowing a knee and obeying democrat will. "You sir are the one ignoring the science"

50 riot cops dispatched for two men not wearing masks! 'We are NEVER GOING BACK TO NORMAL'

One of the most evil anti-America congresswoman: I'm only wearing a mask because of the camera

"No, I don't think covid vaccines should be mandatory. I wouldn't demand it to be mandatory."
~ The most incompetent, divisive, deceitful, America-destroying president ever, joe biden - 12/4/2020 (source)
(And just to rub people's nose in it, he exempts congress, their staff, and all illegal aliens from this unconstitutional mandate)

"We Cannot Require Someone to Be Vaccinated" Democrats Lying through their teeth!
Worse they don't even feel shame for what liars they are.

If you are for or against this vaccine, this is the single most important video lecture you can watch. If you are one pushing a vaccine mandate you absolutely must watch this to understand the effects of your actions. I guarantee your opinion about the Covid-19 vaccine will be permanently changed after listening.

The Lead consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded these vaccines are NOT safe and should be pulled off the market.
In the most vaccinated nation on earth, 86% of new cases are vaccinated people and the majority of the hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated. Are we done pretending this vaccine even works?


Evil Authorities Threaten Jail Time For Unvaccinated Aussies Who Try to Enter Businesses without a Covid Pass We are fast tracking straight for the Mark of the Beast (by which no man could buy or sell).


Communist deblasio's segregation law goes into effect in NYC tearing up and dividing America (as it's intended to do)
Braindead white restaurant goer gives black man the middle finger for not being vaccinated!

M.D. explains the horrific things happening to your body once the vaccine is injected. Make your own personal vaccine decision but listen to this first.

Dr. Christina Parks Testimony: Pfizer Vaccine is useless against Delta Variant. Demoncrat mandate might lay off 70% of the unvaccinated black workforce.

You can bet your life Biden didn't actually get a 3rd vaccine jab on his phony stage. He and his administration are lying deceiving frauds to the core.

Look at the total destruction the brain-dead koolaid drinking covid politicians have unleashed on Melbourne with their never ending lockdown. This folks is the 'Great Reset'

Antarctica: Coldest season on record. Global warming fail! (Climate change is just another tool in the Socialist fear mongering toolbox, don't be deceived.

Pfizer vaccine antibodies GONE after 7 months.

J&J vaccine linked to another blood clotting condition.

Croatian President Slams COVID Rules: 'Unbelievable How Obedient People Are, Even When They Shouldn't Be'

The complete and total breakdown of one of America's richest cities under 100% unchecked progressive democrat control (Pelosi's City, Peolosi's Policies).

Shocking Study Reveals mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines May Progressively Degenerate Your Brain From Prion Disease

CNN: Unvaccinated, Don’t Expect to Do Everything We the Vaccinated Can Do — ‘No Matter How Loudly You Yell' Remember your freedoms and inalienable rights come from Gov't not God if you're a democrat.

Communist censors at Youtube to now ban any dissent of the vaccine that has killed and injured hundreds of thousands as Big Pharma moves to do booster shots for life. Wake Up America, there is something deeply wrong and dangerous going on.

Scary Signal for the Vaccinated? Idaho doctor reports seeing a ‘20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients.

NY Gov. Hochul you are evil for doing this to NY's babies! 'This is child abuse'! You are HEARTLESS! You should be criminally charged for this!

America's Nurses standup against the democrat's evil push to jab them all, Against their will

Alabama Hospital Flushes Biden's Covid Mandate for Staff Down the Toilet Where it Belongs.


Young Covid Nurse works through the entire pandemic without vaccinated. Then is forced by the evil MANDATE, against her will, to get the jab (or lose her job). She dies from the jab.

Wake Up Sheep! 'They are going to take it all!' It's not going to be two shots and your done, it's going to be booster shots every 6 months for life slowly destroying your body's immune system. You have to start resisting!

Socialist democrat demands more censorship by big tech of the American voices that expose the truth of the vaccine agenda

Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Troopers Resigning Over COVID Vaccine Mandate. 20% refusing mandate!

Attorney Thomas Renz: Nearly 50k Medicare Patients Died Soon After Getting COVID Shot (data straight from the CMS Medicare Tracking System) | Remember the CDC fraudsters report a death within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine as an 'unvaccinated person'!

Rep. Jordan goes off on brainless reality-denying democrat. Illegals are offered the option to get the vaccine, border patrol agents are mandated or lose their job. That's sicko evil biden's plan.

German State Allows Food Stores To Inflict Starvation on The Unvaccinated.

Evil: CA's Democrat Newsom forcing Kindergartners to play Russian Roulette with their lives and health by taking the failing vaccine even though they have no risk and 100% don't need it.

European countries stop vaccinating kids because of heart problem risks

Covid police kicks man in the face for not wearing a mask, for his safety of course!

Soldiers asking for help. Military Staff looking for other jobs after refusing incompetent biden's vaccine mandate. Employers needed

State with nearly 90% vaccinated OR COVID recovered, has soaring cases. When will the media be done pretending this vaccine actually works? Democrats are killing off people's livelihoods to make them get a vaccine, they don't want, that doesn't work, and could kill or injure them for life. THIS IS EVIL!

Navy Seals and Police quitting over incompetent biden's vaccine mandate

NY National Guard troops to perform Heart and Brain surgery? as the Demoncrats force the layoff of 72,000 honorable skilled healthcare workers

Moderna, who is pocketing billions from the vaccine of the plandemic, says vaccine booster shots will be needed at least once every three years indefinitely. Follow the money to corruption!

22 Year old nearly dies from Moderna vaccine, may be injured for life

New York democrats can't take the money fast enough from THE working class and give it away, no strings attached, to non-citizens who shouldn't be here in the first place DO YOU GET IT DUMMIES? THEY TAKE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND GIVE IT AWAY TO FOREIGNERS!

30 facts to deprogram people's hysterical covid cult brainwashing

Australia's Police are the gestapo enforcers of evil and oppression

Official Gov't Data: 30,305 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England

Even the Zulu tribal warriors are rallying against the evil global vaccine mandate tyranny!!!

'I Just Want My Life Back’ Says 16-Year-Old Who Developed Neurological Symptoms After Pfizer Vaccine

Democrats want to spend, spend, spend more, and then dump their pile of debt onto our kids and their kids. This is immoral and evil. This graphic shows stack upon stack of hundred dollar bills. This represents only HALF our current $28 TRILLION debt. We spend more on paying interest on our debt than our national defense. What lunatic, who owes this much money, would still be pushing to spend more more more? An evil socialist like Bernie Sanders, AOC, Chuck Schumer, and Pelosi. The hearts are dark and evil. They are trying to hell bent on collapsing our country under debt. Each and every person in this country owes $85,000 dollars. There can be no other explanation for their insanity and wasteful spending. And no matter what they want more. They want to eat cake all the time. Like the Titanic, America will go down under this debt, count on it.

$15 Trillion in hundred dollar bills. Source ©Huffpost.

Elderly women denied food because she didn't have vaccine papers

This is how working folks properly dispose of road-blocking climate-change nutjobs

Watch all the absurd clowns in gov't and media play 'mask theater' when the cameras role. Useless people and useless masks, and they know it!

Two Australian Police Officers cowardly fake men, pepper spray a 74 year old woman for non-covid obedience

Nazi Germany: French doctor arrested, dragged out of his home by the covid police for prescribing the proven and miraculous anti-covid drug ivermectin to covid patients.

Pregnant nurse fired for not submitting to the world's most lethal and dangerous experimental vaccine. These nurses were the heroes during the pandemic but now they are just useless baggage to be thrown aside by the filthy power-hungry democrat party with their 100% unnecessary vaccine mandates.

On their one lying hand they say 'get vaccinated and you'll be safe', on the other lying hand they say unvaccinated people can make the vaccinated deathly sick so they should be expelled from society. Which is it you lying frauds?

NY: new governor, same evil democrat ideology, invites women from Texas to come to NY where you can terminate your children freely. Requires masks on two year old infants at daycare. How sick in the head are these people? Democrats make life miserable for anyone with common sense and that isn't living off taxpayer handouts.

Australian covid cops caught on hidden camera cooking up a criminal conspiracy to get real journalists thrown in jail for exposing their criminal conduct


Dr. Fauci: NO, I don't think you will ever see a mandating of the vaccine for the general public. ~ Liar

In New Zealand more people have died from the vaccine than from Covid

Australia's COVID police are disgusting human beings.
This video immediately censored by the communists at Youtube who do not want the truth to be shown

Sicko Biden looking to have IRS raid every American's bank account and monitor every single bank transactions you make.

Democrat Lunatics in Colorado impose jail for teachers that don't wear or enforce masks on children.

Covid Lunatics at American Airlines turn plane around and call police because 2-year old with asthma attack isn't properly wearing a mask. This company should be boycotted for such cowardly shameful actions!


Perfectly healthy student athlete has serious heart problems after the vaccine, like thousands of others, warns others.

TikTok joins the social media censorship campaign by not allowing people to witness testimony of their horrific vaccine injury

EVIL arrogant covid cop power-hungry ego maniac! $200 fines for removing masks 1 second before exiting a building

The Satanic covid agenda: Slovenian's people rises up. No gasoline without showing a Vaccination Card

64-year-old physician incapacitated after getting Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, claims U.S. health agencies are ignoring thousands of adverse events.

The Satanic covid agenda: Italy, mandatory vaccine decree for public and private businesses, unvaccinated workers will have their pay withheld.

Counter terrorism riot police with rubber bullets used to break up peaceful construction workers ousted from their jobs by govt covid insanity

Justin Trudeau spewing his evil covid passport garbage. Take the vaccine that I decide is the 'right thing' or we will deny you your freedom.

Where are the MEN of Australia? Your Police are not MEN!

Construction workers furious in Melbourne after being ordered by their union leadership to submit to the deadly jab or lose their job.

No more babies! Democrats 100% to blame for NY hospital's staff shortages due to covid vaccine mandates as employees quit/fired Newsflash: they don't give a hoot if you lose your job as long as they get you jabbed!

W.H.O. pleads with nations to not give Covid booster shots

Tens of Thousands of illegals storming the Texas border daily, overwhelming border patrol and incompetent Biden/Harris do absolutely NOTHING. Why?, because they hope to give them amnesty/citizenship ONLY so they might vote for more democrats. Over 1 million have just walked in and disappeared into the USA since incompetent biden took office. Once the democrats give them amnesty, they immediately become eligible for your medicare money, your schools money, your social security money, your healthcare money, your unemployment money and cancel your vote out. WAKE UP PEOPLE!, Just imagine if this was your hometown!!!!

NY Judge blocks democrat's wicked plan forcing medical workers with the vaccine against people's will.

College students all around the country let incompetent biden know, in no uncertain terms, what they think of his push for face masks, vaccine mandates, and pathetic surrender in kabul.

Democrats all hang out talking close without masks until the media cameras arrive, then they all mask up for their hypocritical scam show.

675,000 people's damaged lives, "Collateral damage from the vaccination efforts"

Demented Australian officials block children from riding their bikes in the name of covid Do you get it people, covid reaction is mentally lunacy!

Comedian Jim Breuer says he will not perform at any venue that is requiring proof of vaccination

Pfizer sickos seek to jab 6 month old babies.

Senior doctors discuss inflating Covid numbers by counting recovered patients as active Covid patients. "If you don't get vaccinated, you know you're going to die."

Victory #1: UK's Boris Johnson just cancelled Vaccine Passport plans (for now) and all tyrannical lockdowns

After throwing away $400 billion to nigerian scammers in unemployment benefits, and after tossing Billion upon Billions in taxpayer funded military equipment to the Taliban as a gift, demoncrats quickly propose a $3 trillion Tax Hike on Working Families and Small Businesses These are the most incompetent and morally debased people on earth.

Despite the fact the vaccine is killing and injuring thousands, despite the fact that the vaccine is giving rise to the variants, despite the fact that vaccinated get and spread covid as easily as unvaxed, the sicko tyrant biden mandates every federal employee get injected. Biden is an evil man in sheep's clothes!

Two Top FDA vaccine officials resign, furious over sicko Biden's push to inject people with ongoing booster jabs without prior review and approval


Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID

The Smirking Face of Tyranny - Yes we can force private companies to mandate the vaccine (that can kill you and doesn't work against the variants)

Unbelievable! Two years into it, Fauci apparently hasn't even given any time or thoughts to the 100 million people who are already have natural immunity.

Whistleblower Covid Nurse: The majority of our hospitalized Covid patients are suffering from Vaccine Injuries NOT Covid.

WebMD: Huge Number of Hospital Workers Choosing to Not Get Vaccinated

President Desantis Tosses incompetent tyrant biden under the bus, where he belongs!

White House confirms that Biden will continue allowing unvaccinated people to cross the southern border while demanding private employers require vaccines for their workers. Do you sheep get it yet? It's right there, open your eyes!

See the scam occur in real time: CDC Rushes to Change Definition of 'Vaccination' On Same Day Israel Study Touts Natural Immunity over Vaccine. Vaccine Fail AND THEY KNOW IT!

Nurse forces a hospital official, following the biden medical dictatorship's royal edict, to admit they’re ‘Terminating’ her for not taking the vaccine

A Lunatic Aussie introduces a never ending plan for people to get booster vaccines

NIH: Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects (the guinea pigs) of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease

Los Angeles Fire Chief - "I am done being silent" WE ARE NOT TAKING THE VACCINE!

Vindictive and Spiteful Communist Deblasio NYC planning to fire 15,000 teachers and take away their healthcare just for rejecting the evil vaccine mandate.

The Pope and the Works of the Devil

47 separate studies conclude masks offer little to no benefit, brain-dead media and democrats push them anyhow.

The incompetent lying biden's revenge drone strike against ISIS K actually killed a car full of innocent kids and no terrorist!

Australian Nazi leader lets it slip: Looking at 'Contract tracing' in the 'New World Order'

Woke and Cowardly NFL cancels Victory Boyd's national anthem performance because she refuses to take the jab Turn off these coward segregators and discriminators!!

Vaccinated Georgia Bulldogs getting covid Vaccine Fail!

NYC Restaurant stands up against the evil discriminating anti-American communist tyrant deblasio.

The democrat party, which instills fear and mentally abuses our children are the true virus of this society!

"What is being laid out in front of you, play by play, read any history book, THIS IS COMMUNISM."

Sicko globalist Biden seeks to watch and record every financial transaction you make.

Totally deceived Australia bans one of the most promising treatments for treating covid, Ivermectin Not deceived Japan, on the other hand, approves its use widespread for covid.

In total communistic fashion, st0ne-faced Gladys Berejiklian: Australians who do not accept the injection will remain under lockdown indefinitely, “You have been warned!” This imbecile should face the consequences of her threats!

6 week old breast feeding baby purportedly dies after his mother get the vaccine

Horrific video from Australia. A warning to America of the covid dictatorship that is progressing.

Man goes mentally insane in Australia's ridiculous quarantine lockdown hotel hell These people can be negative but are quarantined just because they were in contact with someone who tested positive.

The Anti-American democrat Party Blocks Vote To Require Biden Rescue Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan And Equipment Left Behind democrats ARE the problem. Vote the ALL OUT!!!!

The hardest part of the democrat's 14-day plan to 'flatten the curve' is the first two years!

Two ‘Fully-Vaccinated’ Sports Legends Just Came Down With Covid Vaccine ineffectiveness!

Covid Nurse blows the lid off the Gov/Media/Democrat narrative that it's a 'Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated Narrative'.

Bill Belichick educates useless media that vaccinated NFL players and coaches are testing positive for covid as much as the unvaccinated Vaccine ineffectiveness!

Australian Police are communists going house to house checking people's plans to protest and their social media posts

CDC FULLY COMPLICIT IN SCAM!! The CDC is now listing vaccinated COVID-19 deaths as UNvaccinated deaths if they die within 14 days of the vaccine.

NY Police Union Vows to Sue if COVID Vaccination is Mandated

Do not vaccinate your children!

Demoncrat Nancy Pelosi Blocks House from Reading Names of 13 Killed U.S. Servicemembers

30+-Year Qantas Pilot Rejecting Company's 'Jab or Job' Evil Criminal Mandate

Canadian lockdown covid Tyrant trudeau pelted with rocks while masquerading around as a leader. The people's anger is very real and justified!

Military Doctor: “The COVID Vaccine Program has Killed More Young Active Duty People Than COVID Did”

Democrat's Govt Policies Result in Hell on Earth

Harvard Study: Vaccinated individuals were 27 times more likely to get a symptomatic COVID infection than those with natural immunity from COVID.

Australian Police pull perfectly healthy man from his home, after 'supposedly' testing positive, cart him off in van for 'indefinite stay' in a covid internment camp.

Despite hundreds of thousands of open unfilled jobs, incompetent Biden and the democrats continue paying people's food, rent, healthcare, and super unemployment checks to sit at home and do nothing. No wonder his jobs number missed by a record margin Democrats are unfit to lead, their ideas and policies lead to the bankruptcy, debasement and collapse of society!

The most vaccinated nation also has the most covid cases and 86% of new cases are vaccinated people and the majority of the hospitalized patients were fully vaccinated. This is Vaccine FAIL!

Denmark scraps all Covid restrictions in favor of full freedom

NY's new Governor is the just same old tired democrat tyrant bullshit as she immediately mandates masks on all school children despite them having virtually zero health danger from covid. REMOVE all democrats from office people if you want your American freedoms back. Democrats rule by fear mongering!

Get ready to play Russian Roulette again and be injected with a 4th round of spike protein!

CDC (The Center for Democrat Control) has moved from simple medical advisory organization into a lawless unconstitutional dictatorial control that is now going after people's private property and now coming for the 2nd Amendment gun rights Straying way out of their scope!

Australians must add an app to their phone that randomly tells them they have 15 minutes to text a picture of themselves with geo location tag to prove they are locked down at home. If they don't respond, police are sent.

W.H.O. publishes guidelines for a mark of the beast precursor covid vaccine identifier

Federal Gov't or Abusive Husband?

The most highly educated are rejecting this vaccination

Woke, Duke Univ. employees that don't get the ineffective vaccine that can kill or injure you will be terminated. Someone please sue Duke into proper a proper understanding of what freedom means.

Sweden never tortured their school kids with masks and out of their 1.8 million kids, they have had zero deaths

Chaotic Scenes in Athens as Greeks Protest COVID Tyranny

Canada's Trudeau, who is mandating vaccines, accidentally admits the vaccine really doesn't work by admitting unvaccinated people put vaccinated people at risk.

General Hospital star slams the reprobate vax mandate people in epic rant against those calling for him to be fired.

Business Leaders: You'd better NOT mandate the vaccine for employees or you will face significant legal liability.

Toxic epidermal necrolysis: 49-year-old New York woman develops life-threatening skin-rotting disorder one week after Pfizer mRNA injection

Our Nation's Young People, Dead and Inured by this Unnecessary Experimental Vaccine

Lunatic reprobate democrats in NY continues their never ending moratorium on deadbeats not paying the rent they OWE leaving the responsible property owners screwed once again. These lunatic unfit democrats think they own and control people's private property in direct violation to the constitution! Democrat losers just send them stimulus, unemployment, aid, food stamps while employers can't even find workers because democrats have seen to it that freeloaders can sit at home and not work. The right thing to do in a moral society is ALWAYS the exact opposite of what the immoral demoncrats propose! They always reward and incentivize lawlessness and irreponsibilty.

Australia has fallen. They are finished! Total medical totalitarianism. All freedoms have been taken away. Any opposition to the regime can get you jailed. $20K fines handed out like candy.

Journalist documents his horrific health problems following Pfizer vaccination

Amherst college goes full-on covid fear mongering insane! Students pay $85,000/yr. to send themselves to covid phobia hell.

How democrats cheat in elections, this cannot possibly be an 'Accident'

It's 'hard to exaggerate' how 'dangerously bad' US President Joe Biden is

With ZERO science to support it, Wicked Democrat Gov. Brown mandates everyone wear a Burqa face diaper while outside in public. So it does absolutely nothing for you but wear one any way! Rid yourselves of Tyrannical democrats to get your freedom back.

Two die from jab of tainted moderna vaccine batch

Moderna shot tied to higher heart inflammation risk

Communist debalsio continues his attack on NYC by banning 30% of all the people from eating in restaurants, going to shows, attending gyms Law enforcement you must not enforce this evil edict. Vote ALL progressive democrats out to save America from these fascists!

French covid psychopaths trying to starve people into getting the deadly jab by blocking grocery stores without passport

Covid fear-mongering psychopaths in Washington making kids wear ankle monitors if not vaxxed. Resist the evil people!

Have you noticed a respiratory decline since getting the mRNA vaccine? You're not alone!

CDC Planning Covid internment camps? A "shielding approach" "implementation in the absence of empirical data". PEOPLE - RESIST THESE EVIL DEMOCRATS!!!!!

Covid detention isolation/internment camps being built all over Canada and other countries

Never ending cash for Big Pharma, body-damaging spike protein injections for life for the compliant sheep, masks for life for the compliant sheep, constantly expiring vaccine passports. ONLY if you play along with the democrats covid control plan. Evil democrats want to split up and divide Americans, force you to lose your job, not travel freely, not go to sporting events, concerts or restaurants, show your papers like the Nazis whenever you go out. Resist their evil!

Both Rev Jesse Jackson and Wife hospitalized with covid despite both being fully vaccinated.

Australia following suit and building covid isolation and internment camps (hint: it's for dissenters)


Evil Democrat Tyrant's Vaccine Passport Plans Will Cause the Economic Collapse of America.

Biden the terrible incompetent traitor should be impeached. Biden leaves behind 75,000 vehicles, 600,000 weapons, and 208 aircraft in Afghanistan. This man and his sick democrat agenda ONLY bankrupts and ruins America. Also he leaves the Taliban with palettes of $100 bills Our tax dollars give to terrorists!

Fascist Delta to charge employees an extra $1200/yr for not getting vaccinated. Take that life shortening jab every 6 months sheep!

Communist Youtube censors any Dr.'s video that dares to expose the truth about covid

The devil and their people have taken over Australia, no joke. Covid Nazism Please be 100% aware, the Australian gov't first confiscated everyone's guns before doing this.

The only people that get immunity from the vaccine is the Pharmaceutical Companies!

Australian Covid Police Are Beating More People in the Streets Than the Taliban Shame on the Aussie Police, How dare you!

Thrown in jail and a mental institution, then deported from Singapore… for not wearing a Covid-19 mask

Communist tyrant deblasio thinks NYC people are dumb cattle he rules over. “human beings do well” when manipulated with a “carrot and a stick.” Escape from NY!!

After Terrible vaccine side effects, Rocker Eric Clapton Appears Frustrated With Covid-19 Vaccine on New Song ‘This Has Gotta Stop’

"There is no rationale for testing or vaccinating a covid recovered patient!" If only this Doctor was in charge instead of the Media's Lord Fauci, many lives would have been saved


Tens of Thousands of Angry Australians come out in massive protest and give the middle finger salute to their lockdown loving government!

Additional Shame on the INCOMPETENT LOSER Biden: Military abandons 150 loyal service dogs at Kabul Airport. This is how you thank them for their loyalty?

Australians Truckers and other Freedom lovers are going to shutdown their country and replace their shitty covid-fear mongering government Almost the entire fascist Australian government needs to go to JAIL for what they have done with covid! SHAME ON THE AUSTRALIAN POLICE FOR DOING THIS TO THEIR CITIZENS!

San Francisco goes full Anti-American, full Anti-Constitution, full Fascist - Show me your papers to live in America! Resist these vindictive and divisive democrats!

The Most Important Thing an American Can Do Right Now Is Resist The Plandemic
Resist Their Inoculation Intimidation Tactics and the Bogus PCR Testing

One of the earth's greatest idiots: You are not allowed to watch sunsets because of covid-19. Go to he$$!

Resist With All Your American Might Any Ideas of Vaccine Passports

BOOM San Diego citizens begins the resistance against covid mandate tyranny!

The PEOPLE have had it with this demonic medical tyranny - "I will never submit"

The PEOPLE have had it with this demonic medical tyranny - "You do not put a vaccine passport on us!"

The PEOPLE have had it with this demonic medical tyranny - One of the best citizen speeches came from a parent against her wicked mask-nazi school board.

The PEOPLE have had it with this demonic medical tyranny - 70 NICU Nurses set to resign when vaccine mandate date arrives

Canadian Pastor who was maced in the face and continued to hold church services during the plandemic, faces 4 years in jail for choosing freedom over covid tyranny.

Scientists blast Biden's push for Covid vaccine booster shots, say data isn’t compelling

CDC Revokes PCR test authorization as its unable to differentiate between flu and covid in positive test Who knew? Everyone!!! Many positive cases used to suppress your freedom are a total scam.

Even liberal Bill Maher gets it! "No way in hell I’m taking the Vaccine booster"

Demented Australian Leaders shooting dogs because of Covid

Deranged liberal democrat secretary of education says Anti-mask states could face civil rights investigations Do you finally see how mentally incompetent these democrats are?

Hyprocrite from he$$, Again! Video shows hordes of maskless people at Pelosi's fundraiser. Rules for thee but not for me.

Resist the lying Tech and Social Media Censors and Corporate Media covid fear mongering. If you are under the age of 70, not obese, and have no co-morbidity, covid is about 99.97% non-lethal akin to the common flu. But the power-hungry and dishonest CDC and democrat/media want you scared, masked, and locked down! Resist the Fear! Resist the Tyrants! Resist Vaccine Passport! Resist Useless Facemasking Insanity!



Dr Fauci wants mask on everyone forever. He is now just a sick fear mongering political tyrant and should be fired immediately

Australia sends out plain clothes police to hunt down maskless people outdoors and interrogate elderly couple minding their own business

THE WORTHLESS INCOMPETENT DEMOCRAT PARTY ALLOWED AND FACILITATED $400 BILLION THEFT OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO BE STOLEN BY OVERSEAS SCAMMERS AND NO ONE IS BEING HELF ACCOUNTABLE!! 'Easy money': How international scam artists pulled off an epic theft of Covid benefits Russian mobsters, Chinese hackers and Nigerian scammers have used stolen identities to plunder tens of billions of dollars in pandemic aid. Day after day they push MORE UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS as all the money is stolen by scammers and lazy Americans. The democrat party are the masters of lawlessness, fraud and total incompetence. Who will ever hold them accountable?

Whistleblower from Hospital in covid wing: "More Patients are Dying from the Vaccine than COVID". "There is fraud on every level"

Australian Breaks Into Tears Describing the Horrific Lockdown Orders - Not surprisingly some of the leaders are aligned with the Chinese Communist Party


Terror threat alert raised by sicko biden's regime labeling those opposed to the vaccine, opposed to masks, Trump supporters, and the like as potential terrorists. Says they have no evidence of threats. This is an evil regime filled with Anti-Americans trying to scare you into submission!

America-hating deceived teacher takes down U.S. flag raises gay flag instead.

Biden showing in spectacular fashion that he is 100% wrong in his judgment and 100% incompetent to lead a nation

An Australian (poor excuse of a cop) brags about the largest $5,000 covid fines we are going to be assessing you for breaking curfew and such and the business he will be destroying.

Australian leaders appear to all be possessed by the same devil.

Fully double-vaxed NFL coach gets covid. Vaccine passports are an evil scheme of control, resist!

Australian so-called police tell people to rat out friends and family who protest lockdowns.

Corrupt and power-hungry pelosi orders police to arrest anyone not wearing a useless mask.

Doctor's Tests and Prove facemasks have ZERO effect on covid transmission and are UTTERLY USELESS GARBAGE GENERATORS

Brain-dead Covid medical tyrants are abusing our children because of their own lunatic fears

Covid Police State Hell in Australia: "Masks may not be taken off to drink alcohol outside!.

Class Action Lawsuit by Our Brave First Responders Who Reject the Vax state nearly 45,000 have died from the covid vaccine within 72 hours of injection.

CDC Admits — 74 percent of Covid cases from Massachusetts outbreak were fully vaccinated. Resist the poison, listen to the Doctors below, there can be severe health risks (now and down the road) from this!

Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as non vax

Matt Walsh destroys liberal school board's hypochondria mask mandate with the facts. Masks are a burqas or security blankets for liberals

Sicko Biden was busy hanging homosexual flags on our embassies and promoting LGBTQ agenda while the Taliban was taking over.

Tennessee school parents let the local medical tyrant pushing masks on their kids know, in no uncertain terms, he is an unwanted fool.

Vaccine Researcher: Vaccines are creating the covid variants. Natural immunity is better immunity than vaccine induced immunity

Europeans stand up and fight against the vaccine passport police state. Fight for your freedoms, they will take it!!!!!

Police Unions Threaten Mass Resignations from Police and Fire if vaccine is mandated by the rotten-to-the-core democrats


Entire Fully-Vaxxed DC Doctors’ Office Tests Positive for Covid-19 No thanks, don't need the jab!

Vaccines creating the variants!

Top Israeli Doctor - Vaccinated making up 95% of the severe covid hospitalization cases

Wearing visible proof of vaccine under discussion in California Resist these evil people!

If you can catch, carry, and spread covid, despite being fully vaccinated, what exactly is behind the agenda for a vaccine passport?

Up yours biden, you incompetent empty suit, anti-American, Fascist. WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

Dept of Health covid official tries to play a jussiesmollett styled scam on the people, gets caught.

Biden leaves behind a full stock of free weapons for the taliban while at the same time trying to disarm Americans.

Lunatic Nutjob democrat mandates double masks Up yours buddy!

Biden wants total submission and compliance to his will and demands to get injected regardless if you are one of the 100 million Americans that already have natural immunity. He feels your rights and freedom to live and move come from him, not from God! Biden is an evil wolf covered in sheep's skin!

Obama Era Official Calls for Unvaccinated Americans to Be Put On No-Fly List Along With Terrorists People You Must Resist the evil anti-American democrat party. They want to divide and destroy this country.

Vaccine Police checking for your mark of the beast that allows you to be outside People you must resist this evil medical tyranny!!!!

PCR Covid Testing - The total scam being used to force lockdowns and unnecessary vaccinations. You cannot possibly infer infection from this test.

Planet Lockdown - Educate Yourself Quickly and Resist The Evil Covid Tyranny

Univ. of Washington withholds man's life-saving liver transplant until he submits to the 'mandatory vaccine'.

CDC assumes powers to themselves to ban evictions though they have no statutory authority to do so! Totally illegal and immoral! Vote all democrats out to save America!

Australia: $11K Fine for Speaking Out Against Lockdowns. Man Forcibly Imprisoned in Mental Asylum For Different Opinion on COVID

Incompetent Communist Biden continues to kill off America by requiring the jab for all foreign visitors Except illegal aliens, which he lets flood in by the millions completely free of his sick covid rules.

Immoral and incompetent democrats extend the never ending covid eviction ban. Reprobate tenants skip out on paying rent, landlords being royally screwed over for 1.5 years now. The correct decision for any lawful and productive society is to do the exact opposite of what the democrat party does. The lawless thief is the democrat party base, it's who they pander to.

The hypocritical face of Socialism while at her $30,000 per seat gala event

How many people have died from this vaccine? The answer will likely surprise you.

Sicko Biden to announce all Federal workers must be vaccinated with the gene altering poison that has already killed thousands of people. The people must rise up against this tyrannical order! You must be FREE to choose what gets injected into you.

WARNING Covid Police State: Father and Son Arrested for Allegedly Using Faked Vaccine Cards to Allow Freedom of Movement on Vacation in America (This is Their Constitutional Right!)
Copyright Citizen Free Press

Fully Vaccinated Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Dies of COVID-19.

MUST LISTEN: Pfizer Vice President, a true expert, exposes all the government lies being pushed in this covid pandemic. Is it all about the Vaccine Passport/Global ID?

Michigan boy dies 3 days after getting Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, CDC investigating

Braveheart actor dies after third Pfizer “booster” shot

CDC Reports Almost 400 reports of myocarditis heart inflammation in children after Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine Why are parents jeopardizing their own children who are not at all at risk from covid?

This death is 100% because of the moronic democrats releasing violent criminals in the name of covid relief.

Democrats want Americans to show me your papers to be free (Just like the Nazis did).

VAERS Vaccine Reaction Data through 7/9/2021 shows a total of 463,457 adverse events, including 10,991 deaths and 48,385 serious injuries.

Bishop explains the evil goal of the plandemic to create new power structures of total control over society and give absolute power to a small elite group. Like one synchronized evil spirit the entire democrat party falls in line to the global control agenda.

Have some 62% of people that took the mRNA vaccine inflicted permanent blood vessel damage upon themselves?

America’s Frontline Doctors file lawsuit against the DHHS and HHS Secretary after whistleblower provides sworn testimony claiming proof that up to 45,000 Americans have died within three days of receiving their COVID-19 shot.

The people are being scammed! Scores of fully vaccinated people are testing positive for covid. Hear it directly from the mRNA vaccine technology founder.

LA County sheriff will not enforce new 'mask of submission' mandated by lunatic democrats. 'Not backed by science'

College student needs heart transplant then dies after vaccine

In the middle of the night one lawful man saves America and stops the lawless fork-tongued snake, chuck schumer, from trying to unlawfully sneak in the massive federal election takeover which gives him all the power and takes it away from the people. Evil people do their deeds in the darkness because they don't want the light of day shone on them.

Tyrant democrat cuomo pushing very hard to get the experimental injection into people against their will.

Colorado democrats Paying Social Media Influencers to push the experimental injection into Young Children's arms who are not at all at risk. Resist!

18 year girl old dies after vaccine from severe blood clotting

Vaccinated carry same viral load as unvaccinated.

Youtube moves to censor ANY vaccine dissent anywhere in the world. Suspends Australian conservative news for telling the truth about the plandemic. Youtube/FB/Twitter are the enemies of freedom and the people, no doubt about it.

Healthy teenager hospitalized with brain blood clots after COVID-19 vaccine.

Woke and Gutless NFL: Vikings Coach Rick Dennison Released After Refusing To Get The Mandated Coronavirus Vaccine

This is what American Freedom looks like
Communist Youtube immediately censors any video that dares to expose the truth about covid
This is what tyranny looks like people

Rules for thee but not for me. Day after declaring a mask mandate sicko biden appears in face to face crowded PR without masks.

Rules for thee but not for me. Day after declaring masks required or you'll be arrested, the tyrant pelosi opts to go unmasked

49 fully vaccinated people in New Jersey have died from COVID-19. Remember what they are peddling you: 'safe and effective'

Reluctant Mom forced to get covid vaccine for work, dies from it

Indian Health Ambassador Gets COVID Vaccine Live on TV to Show Everyone How Safe It Is – Dies 2 Days Later

People share vaccine side effects that sound worse than covid itself

Largest study to date: Covid significantly less deadly than common flu to kids. Why on earth are govt's vaccinating these kids?

Vaccinated Comprise 75% of Coronavirus Infections in Singapore We're being scammed people.

Video: CDC website deletes 6,000 death from vaccine in one day.

Army and Military Helicopters being used to stop kids from playing basketball out of lunatic covid fears!. Lunatic adult fear mongering destroying kids lives.

Despite Heart Inflammation Risks, FDA Pushes Big Pharma to Test ‘Vaccines’ on 5-Year-Olds. This is utter madness people. These kids are not at risk!

Youtube censors any person or Dr. that opposes the vaccine
This is what tyranny looks like people

A little less than half of Fauci's NIH employees have not to be vaccinated. That should tell you something!

Nerve Syndrome Warning To be added J&J Covid Vaccine

Joy Behar 'The next steps is threats for the unvaxxed'. Yeah you can go to hell too!

Extremism in France: 6 months in jail if you enter a bar or restaurant without your mark of the beast vaccine pass, restaurant owners 1 year.

Trudeau planning to keep injecting Canadians through 2024

Australia deploys army to enforce lockdowns in Sydney

Some sanity in a sea of overreaction and fear mongering: Congresswoman Mary Miller: "I Am Not Wearing a Mask Again."

Italy surrenders to a mark of the beast styled vaccine passport. Germany appears to be next.

Thousands Protest Against ‘Fascist’ Vaccine Passports

Listen to the flip flopping garbage 'opinions' fauci gives. He's just spilling opinion BS! CDC wants everyone masked forever. Nothing but political games here.

Eric Clapton will not play at venues that require proof of vaccination

Fascist California town to require vaccination badges be worn for city employees

Extremism in Greece: Civil servants who refuse to take the now-mandatory coronavirus vaccine will be disciplined.

17-year-old diagnosed with dangerous heart condition a week after first dose of MANDATORY Pfizer COVID vaccine.

Angry Australians take to the streets to rally against their 5th useless lunatic unnecessary covid lockdown

Fit and healthy man paralyzed by first covid shot.

Democrats want everyone wearing the useless mask to demonstrate political submission

15,472 deaths 1.5 million adverse health events reported in European Union’s database of adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccine.

Fully vaccinated NFL coach tests positive, has no symptoms. The PCR test is a scam people! The CDC even revoked its emergency use authorization. You've had your freedoms taken away for over 1.5 years over a fraudulent testing procedure.

The vaccine may be to blame for creating the covid variants!

Vaccine-Injured Mom Documents Horrific Side Effects Following Covid Vaccine

A plea from vaccine longhaulers

Also found here as soon as Youtube sensors the above video (and they will!).

Stupid sheep politicians put their mask on only when the cameras get turned on. The MaskCharade!

Gov's own data shows that the medium age of death for Covid is often older than life expectancy

Father Dramatically Speaks Out Against Masks to School Board (Fascist at Youtube and Twitter censored this)

Lunatic Dumba$$ Australians fine a man $5000 for not wearing a mask while drinking a coffee outside alone

Fascist Fauci: put masks on three year olds Do you get it yet people, this is utter lunacy, and this stupid fear mongering bullshit never ends while democrats are in charge! They try to control people with fear.

Zero benefit from the vaccine for those already naturally infected

Pfizer looking to inject you with a 3rd and more shots Gov't/Big Pharma injections for life you guinea pigs! ex. Get your booster or your Covid Passport will be revoked and you will not be able to be in public spaces or travel.

Moderna launches testing whether its COVID-19 vaccine leads to miscarriages or stillbirths in pregnant women or birth defects in newborns despite already giving thousands of mothers-to-be the shot

Olympian refuses the experimental vaccine

See the fake news media bias on full covid display. They are nothing but democrat propaganda drones with an agenda.

1976 Swine Flu vaccinations halted after only 3 die after getting shots. Compare this to the thousands that have died from the covid vaccine which is still being pushed like safe candy, even to children.

13 Military members die defending our country and get 1/1000 of the useless media's coverage as George Floyd

There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions.

Video: Dr. and State Senator explains how CDC coached doctors to give a Covid diagnosis without actual proof. How the PCR test was a complete scam.

The evil communist deblasio says 30% of Americans no longer welcome in NYC. Demands you take part in the vaccine trial that has killed thousands of people. Please recall this communist clown!

Communists in California look to tougher tactics to force the people into the vaccine experiment against their will

Canadian Doctor Believes Two-Thirds of Vaccinated Could Die of Heart Failure

World filled with dumb sheep ready to show the authorities their papers

French Citizens Very Appropriately and Very Rightly Riot in Response to Plan to Mandate Vaccine Passports

Ohio Does the Right Thing Bans Schools from Mandating Coronavirus Vaccines. Fat chance for freedom in NY with the democrats in charge.,

Australians turning to desperate measures to escape evil tyrannical quarantine isolation

After one mid 80 year old death, Australia stops ALL construction and locks down 900,000 people from their freedom and their work.

If the democrat demons running the most corrupt city on earth, Washington DC, ever plot to make vaccination mandatory. Rise up and resist like an American! If you can't choose what gets injected into your body, you have NO FREEDOM AT ALL!! Democrats want to force inject you so bad, there is another agenda here!

Australian Lunatics: Don't be friendly, don't even talk to your neighbor.

US Gov't keeping list of unvaccinated. The leftists want to jab you so bad, you should wonder why!

Doctor warns: Too early to know if COVID shots cause infertility

1.8 million people opt to sit at home and do nothing but take democrat unemployment handouts rather than work the available jobs. Vote out all democrats to save this country from bankrupt ruin!

Democrats throw tantrum like 5 y/o children when challenged on stopping trans-men from competing in women's sports.

Why would any company choose to do business in NY with the rotten cabal of incompetent democrats running the state? Go somewhere free and safe from democrat oppression!

Why would any company choose to do business in NY? Democrat anti-business rules kill off yet another NY business

One face to face encounter with an Alpha Male would correct this little leftist prick

Reprobate minded teacher indoctrinating sexual deviancy into very young children

CNN guest proposes jail for military folks who refuse the vaccine

Communist democrats pressuring carriers to censor/fact check your personal text messages regarding covid

CNN analyst wants to make life hard for unvaccinated Americans. This coming from a former president of Planned Parenthood who hypocritically is pro-choice when it comes to slaughtering babies. 'My Body, My Choice' apparently doesn't apply to a vaccine.

Lunatic Fear mongering Fringe: Vaccinated PGA star forced to withdraw from major tournament for merely being exposed to person who tested positive for COVID

CNN: Unvaccinated should not be allowed to work, have access to children, and be allowed to move about freely This lunatic woman was once our HHS Secretary!! If she has the shot and is supposedly immune, why is she so worried about her own safety?

France surrenders like cowards to a mark-of-the-beast styled health pass which excludes unvaccinated citizens from restaurants, cafes, shopping, travel, and social events.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital Says Staffers Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated Will Be Fired

Australia Announces Beginning of ‘New World Order’ With New Harsher COVID Lockdowns

MONEY GONE, DEMOCRATS NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE! Incompetent, useless, wasteful, careless, fraudulent, shortsighted democrats throw away as much as $400 billion of our tax dollars as half of the pandemic's unemployment money may have been stolen by foreign countries. The democrat party are the masters of lawlessness, fraud and total incompetence.

Oligarch Pelosi's net themselves $5.3 million on very suspicious perfectly-timed stock trade based on Gov't contract announcements Since this was a liberal democrat, the dishonest media remains hush hush!

San Fran's sickos " We'll convert your children "

If you travel to Canada you will be covid tested. If positive, sent to mandatory Gov't run internment camps Why hasn't our Lying media told this news to Americans?

Shake off your democrat-media-fuelled irrational fear you sheep! Covid will always be with us and it cannot be extinguished, just get on and live with it!

Shortsighted California initiates taxpayer-funded program to ensnare more people into dependency upon gov't money to live.

Video: Ami exposes true ignorance from white leftists who think blacks are too stupid to have an ID to vote

The dictator tyrant cuomo takes more power to himself with no resistance from the lapdog media.

Whistleblower exposes toymaker Hasbro's embracing of CRT. 3-6 month olds racists already?

Youtube censors any person or Dr. that opposes the vaccine
This is what tyranny looks like people

100% Election Was Stolen. Show me the evidence! OK, It's all right here.

Undisputable video evidence of massive election fraud