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Sign the petition to impeach cuomo and get our American Freedoms back from this fearmongering power-hungry tyrant who wants to control every aspect of our lives!

Remember red-state Florida, Georgia, South Dakota, no lockdowns, no mask mandate, no freedoms being denied, and NO PROBLEMS! The people that are locking us down and denying us the right to live our lives and work are ALL DEMOCRATS!

After declaring masks don't work, Fascist Fauci now wants you scared and wearing a mask for years to come even after being vaccinated. No Way!! Fire this man!

Chuck Schumer's answer to every problem: More government spending and debt. How about just getting democrats to take their foot off the neck of everyone and keep your damn handouts and stimulus checks CHUCK!

The NYS Dept of Health must not believe in their own science. They are still locking down and isolating senior citizens EVEN AFTER they are vaccinated. Same old tired masked lockdown quarantine bullshit!

Awesome: Man goes off on police-state mask-scam covid gaestpo

Democrats have gone into a drunken spending orgy. Spend Spend Spend. Now they want to subsidize everyone's internet access and buy them laptops too. Where does it end, you're $30 Trillion bankrupt already? Is this the proper role of a gov't to be paying for absolutely everything a person needs?

Sicko Biden: 8-Year-Olds Should Be Allowed to Decide They’re Transgender

Sicko Biden’s ‘War on Women’. Equality Act to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex

How the corrupt democrat party buys votes with our money

More insanity covid-scam child abuse. The people that do this to our kids should be criminaly charged.

People in the UK had enough of the evil lockdown tyrants. They come out and celebrate maskless freedom

>What goes around comes around!